Skogafoss from panorama. Cloudy day.

Skogafoss from the edge.

On the moon.

Plane wreck.

Almost died from taking this photo...Incredibly heavy wind and back sliding car.

Driving to Vík.

The Vík shore.

The famous basalt spot.

We still went on, and successfully got trapped. Paid 200 bucks for a local guy to save us.

Scenes getting warmer towards southeastern Iceland.

Landscape around Skaftafell.

Warm sunshine and blue fields. The glacier is in the distance.

Another famous one.

The glacier.

Still unreal.

The lagoon in south Iceland.

Wonderful color at sunset.

Looks like some delicious food..

4 hr night drive on Route 1, eastern Iceland. Fortunately we were accompanied by northern lights.

It started as almost invisible weak lights behind the mountains.

Gradually it growed brighter. There were probably only three of us in the middle of darkness, near the seashore of eastern Iceland at 11pm.

Into the mountains towards Egilsstadir.

Visibility in the mountains...

Another foss on the road.

The beautiful town of Seydisfjordur.

Driving in snowstorm to catch the night... Towards Mÿvatn.

Dream-like sulfur region.

Myvatn in early spring. Mosquitoes do exist!!

Cute Icelandic horse. Hope this one is not for butchers..

Go on to next stop.

The incredible, Godafoss.

Nice small city, Akureyri.

Nordurland. Close to the Artic circle.

This time we weren't that lucky! Spent an hour, with the help of 4 people, finally dug it out...


The purple sunset.

No filter needed.

The westmost shore.

Towards the end.

Back to Reykjavik.