Museum in San Jose.

A few symbolic POIs.


The dome.

The Plaza.


A city park.

Volcano in the distance.

Chinatown in San Jose.

Towards Poás.

The clouds.

And cows.

Getting higher.

Didn't realize it was above 2,500 feet.

The crater was forever in the fog.

The forests.

The panorama.

Road getting sketchy.

A beautiful stay in Monteverde.

The plants.

How they made coffee.

Really tasty, homemade.

That viper on the tree. Late night in the jungles.

Reminds me of Scotland.

Another volcano.

Weird roots.

Volcano in the rain.

Hotel spa.

Lagoon Arenal.

Nice country drive.

Manzanillo. Behind that tip is Panama.

Dog on the beach.


The zoo keeper.

Nice view from the last stay.

A glimpse of Panama.