Stanford University, Sep '16 - Jun '18
 Master of Science in Computer Science
  GPA 3.90
Rice University, Aug '12 - May '16
 Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
  GPA 3.90, Cum Laude, Distinction in Research and Creative Work

Selected Projects

Cloud-Crowdsourcing Robotics, Mar '17 - Jun '18
  • Developed keyboard, VR, phone interface for teleoperating robot in simulation
  • Devised and designed setup for daily tasks that are scalable for crowdsourcing
  • Implemented task demonstration environment in simulation with Bullet Physics
New York City Taxi Pick-up Strategy Generation, Dec '16
  • Performed data mining on 1.1 billion taxi records by AWS EMR cloud computing
  • Used PySpark for massive data processing and information extraction
  • Implemented MDP value iteration to generate optimal passenger pick-up policies
  • Visualized data and simulation paths with tools such as gmplot
RGB Image Depth Certainty Estimation, Dec '16
  • Attached dropout layers on RGB-depth Convolutional Neural Network during test phase
  • Generate qualitative and quantitative analysis on predicted depth maps
Wireless Neural Recorder (Senior Design), Apr '16
  • Designed and built a high-throughput, low-power wireless alternative to current Electrocochleography (ECoG) technologies. The system includes 16 neural electrodes that collects the signal, an analog front-end Intan RHD2132 that samples the signal, a micro-processor Nordic NRF52 that compresses and sends data, and a secure server that displays received data in real-time
Online Chat Application, Dec '15
  • Designed Use Case Diagram and system block diagram for API construction
  • Used Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) for data package exchange
  • Applied multiple layers of MVC to encapsulate chat rooms that support text and file transmission
Document Database Query System, Dec '14
  • Parsed a set of documents into a vector-based corpus database for Gibbs sampling
  • Implemented an M-Tree to store parsed documents
  • Implemented the query system that compares input document with the corpus and displays top K most similar documents
Photosensitive Robot Car, Mar '14
  • Assembled motor driver SN754410 and luminosity/ultrasonic sensors for obstacle detection
  • Designed and installed PCB with amplifiers, voltage regulators, and sensors
  • Implemented PWM for motor control and used I2C protocol for ADC module
  • Integrated NeoPixel LEDs and micro-speaker for barrier-range display and alarm

Professional Experience

Dexterity Inc., Palo Alto, CA
Robotics Engineer, May '18 - Present
  • Develop software for computer vision/perception/robotics applications
  • Analyze data and generate model for learning robot motion behaviors
  • Test software systems and products to ensure reliable operation
Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
Research Assistant, Stanford Vision Lab, Dec '16 - Jun '18
  • Set up robotics perception and learning infrastructure, including future Stanford Arm Farm
  • Deployed virtual reality interface for scaling up task demonstration data collection
  • Conducting research on imitation learning and RL under context of robotics
  • Conducting research on robotics sim-to-real transfer learning problem
Course Assistant, Stanford CS 231A: Intro to Computer Vision, Jan '18 - Apr '18
  • Hold 2-hour session every week, grade homework, make exams and lecture review sessions.
Cyberneticcloud Inc., Sunnyvale, CA
Software Developer Intern, May '17 - Sept '17
  • Implemented cloud service usage prediction model with deeplearning4j
Crossfit Wemax, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Olympic Weightlifting Specialist, Personal Trainer Group, Jun '16 - Aug '16
  • Olymipc lifting training sessions--snatch, clean and jerk
Rice University, Houston, TX
Research Assistant, Rice Efficient Computing Group, May '15 - July '16
  • Built image-classification energy reduction simulation framework RedEye based on Caffe
  • Extended GoogLeNet Deep Convolutional Network with noise layer and energy cost layer
  • Trained ImageNet data on modified Caffe framework for optimal noise-energy trade-off
  • Designed RedEye chip memory layout on Cadence
Research Assistant, Rice Scalable Health Initative, June '14 - Oct '14
  • Developed stride/motion detector that recognizes, analyzes motion and generates feedback
  • Integrated multiple accelerometers, pressure sensors, and SD cards on MSP430F6726
  • Conducted Bluetooth-based real-time data processing in MATLAB
  • Conducted DSP on gathered sensor data, including feature extraction/model matching
  • Designed, tested, and revised motion recognition algorithms based on gathered sensor data
Teaching Assistant, Rice University Electrical Engineering Dept. and Math Dept., '13 - '15

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, Multivariable Calculus, Single Variable Calculus

  • Graded homework and evaluated students’ performance
  • Held TA sessions 3-4 hours every week to answer students’ questions
AKAD Education, Ningbo, China
Consultant, Mar '12 - Aug '12
  • Taught two classes of high school students 3-hour lessons on SAT reading weekly
  • Provided personal consultation for five students on college pitching, essay writing, and application logistics
  • Benchmarked services with other educational consulting companies and reported possible improvements


CRIMSON: Cloud-enabled Crowdsourced Robotics Framework for Imitation Guided Skill Learning, CORL 2018
Ajay Mandlekar, John Emmons, Max Spero, Albert Tung, Jonathan Booher, Anchit Gupta, Julian Gao, Yuke Zhu, Animesh Garg, Silvio Savarese, Li Fei-Fei
Neural Task Programming:
Learning to Generalize Across Hierarchical Tasks
, ICRA 2018
 Danfei Xu, Suraj Nair, Yuke Zhu, Julian Gao, Animesh Garg, Li Fei-Fei, Silvio Savarese
RedEye: Analog ConvNet Image Sensor Architecture
for Continuous Mobile Vision
, ISCA 2016
 Robert LiKamWa, Yunhui Hou, Julian Gao, Mia Polansky, Lin Zhong

Selected Honors

  • IEEE Eta Kappa Nu Rice Chapter (IEEE-HKN)
    The honor society of IEEE dedicated to recognizing individual excellence
  • Louis J. Walsh Scholarship in Engineering
    $1,500 scholarship for deserving engineering students at Rice University
  • President’s Honor Roll
    Recognition of undergraduate outstanding academic achievement
  • Distinction in Research and Creative Work
    Awarded to at most 10% of graduating seniors
  • Bill Wilson Best Senior Design Award
    $250 prize for Rice University Affiliates Day senior design showcase